Fleet Management is a complex task and nobody knows it better than a serious Fleet Owner. Trust us. 

While ownership of a professionally managed Fleet of vehicles may earn substantial fortune for you, if done otherwise can even ruin the prospect of the owner and/or the organization. Technically, proper utilization of Fleet assets include a series of dynamic multi-facet & critical set of activities and every owner of a fleet of vehicles know the challenges associated with the same. 

Today, when many organizations avoid owning fleet directly under own P&L due to the associated issues in managing the same, we at RAINGER LOGISTICS enjoy taking up such assignments on Third-Party Management Agency relationship basis. We ensure that the fleet entrusted under our control are properly manned, maintained & managed to extract maximum benefits for the owner.


  • Technology driven Trip management, better capacity utilization.
  • FMS software enabled with GPS technology & Geo-fencing functionality of global standard ensures total dashboard control to us as well as our customer.
  • 24×7 Control Room facility.
  • Establishment of TCPs, if needed, for better monitoring & en-route support to fleet. 
  • Manning of the customer-owned vehicles (Drivers / Cleaners), management of their Payroll & Statutory compliance activities.
  • Timely management of preventive & corrective maintenance.
  • Setting up and managing in-house maintenance facility, if needed.
  • Management of Vehicle Records and On-time Statutory compliances for the fleet.
  • Customized MIS system for performance evaluation.

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