Partnership Opportunities

Are you in a logistics business ? … Is the “un-utilized capacity” sucking your business dry ? … We have a Solution for you

Starting a logistics business seems easy for most. Even the growth in initial stages motivates a lot. However, the issue starts with compulsive expansions, mostly driven by customer demands. This leads to unplanned idle capacities and losses thereof. Most of the logistics organizations face similar situations and the top management keeps bearing the burnt of this situation silently. While the entrepreneurs with big pockets bear this out, the smaller one collapse and are forced to shut shops. 

Now, Rainger Logistics brings in a solution for you. We shall be open to buy out your idle capacity at a base b2b pricing. Interested ?

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We are an innovative integrated logistics organization promoted by a group of multi-industry experts, with a cumulative experience bank of over 50 years.

We function on a collaborative 4PL model, joining hands with select domain expert organizations as partners. Thus we pool together the best from all sides.

We believe that like-minded collaborations & partnerships are the key to success in today’s business world, which demands that we deliver excellence through the strengths put together.

While Rainger Logistics owns, monitors and complies with the contractual obligations, our partners ensure that the contractual KPIs are met to the core, making the customers Win at the market place. In turn, our partners find additional sources of revenue and margin for their organizations.

Respect for customers, trade partners and people in society underlies our operating principles. Our partners are always treated well with respect. Our top management team always remains accessible to you.

Fabulous team-work and cross-functional coordination capabilities have made us what we are today.

We believe that, with more and more partners joining our network, soon we shall become the natural first choice of the corporate in India.



For Warehouse Operators, we bring opportunities to occupy the idle space in your facility and increase utilization. You provide us “fully-serviced” storage space, safety & 24×7 security built in and we bring business for us to Win Together.

For Warehouse Owners (without occupancy), we engage together to bring business opportunities for your property, either on outright lease basis or in equity sharing mode.


If you own or operate Mini-trucks / LCVs / HCVs / 20’ or 40’ Trailers / 32’ Single or Multi-axle trucks, contact us for engagement.

For Road Fleet Operators, we bring extended business opportunities for you by adding new customers and their volume.

For Road Fleet Owners, we engage in generation of Loads for your vehicles, more specifically for the Return sectors.


If you are a LTL Lane Expert organization and can guarantee safe and time-bound services in your sectors, we invite you to join us.

NOTE: Owners / Operators shall need to comply with our fleet engagement policy, which is mandatory for safety of our customers.


If you own a CHA license and have a successful operational track record of more than 5 years in any of the major Indian Sea / Air ports, we have business for you.

Let’s JOIN HANDS “Today” … for a BETTER “Tomorrow”