FTL (Full Truck Load) - by Road

FTL transportation services are provided for single shipments weighing from 9 MT upwards. These are necessarily point-to-point direct consignments, without any transhipment or halting in-between. We move FTL shipments using open-body trucks / containerized body trucks / trailers depending on cargo specifications.

LTL (Less Than Truck Load) - by Road / Rail

LTL transportation services are provided for shipments weighing below 9 MT. These are point-to-point consignments, which may go through controlled transshipment or halting in-between. We move LTL shipments using road / rail network depending on cargo specifications and time sensitivity.

MRPC (Milk-run by Pin-code) Delivery and Pick-up - by Road

MRPC shipments are those where the client needs door drop facilities at multiple consignee points in the same lane. Such requirements are normal for FMCG and Durables customers, where consignees are dealers / distributors located at various towns / villages. We do these drops efficiently and even pick return goods from these outlets. This solution is fairly time-bound and performed absolutely on tailored-to-fit basis. Our captive fleet of small to big vehicles provide an extra edge over normal transporters / express courier companies. Try us now.

Rail Transportation - Small Cargo to Full Rake

We are experts in movement of cargo through Indian Railways. Whether you have a small shipment or cargo for a full rake operation, we shall provide you with a customized transportation solution. Our years of experience in dealing with Indian Railways help us achieve these accurately. At present we provide this service on a Railhead to Railhead basis. However, in specific cases, we also arrange for door pickup / collection of goods at the origin Railhead location. Try us now.

Air Transportation

Air transportation is costlier than Road / Rail transportation services. Naturally air transportation is used for valuables, perishables and extremely time-sensitive small cargo. We manage all these well and deliver your cargo in a safe and time bound manner. Our relationships with airlines, airport authorities as well as the reputed air cargo agencies help us achieve these. At present we provide this service on a Airport to Airport basis. However, for any inbound shipment through Mumbai Airport, we also arrange for door delivery (on request basis). Try us now.