Hiring vehicles from Fleet Brokers is a tricky job. Getting a trust-worthy vehicle, at the time when shipments are ready to dispatch and chocking your warehouse – difficult task indeed.

But, your problem does not stop with the hiring of a vehicle alone. In fact the risks start from there. While you load the vehicle sent by a Fleet Broker, how sure you are about whether any sort of verification of the vehicle had been performed by the Fleet Broker in advance ? How many Fleet Broker did ever stand by you in case of any eventuality en-route ?

With Rainger Logistics, all these issues get resolved automatically. We are a registered Company, a Tax compliant corporate citizen, a Registered Transporter with sizable marine insurance coverage.

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Fleet Types

LCV / Tempo

Load Capacity 0.7 to 1 MT 


Load Capacity 1.2 to 3 MT 

HCV Type-1

Load Capacity 4 to 9 MT 

HCV Type-2

Load Capacity up to 16 / 22 / 24 / 32 MT 

HCV 32 feet container body

Load Capacity up to 7 / 14 MT 


20 feet / 40 feet Flat Bed Trailer